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Soul Force Politics

A Fire-Starter for Mindful Social Action

We are a social justice movement that envisions how the world would be different if politics were rooted in radical love.

Love is not a mere feeling, but a practice.  It is an action.  What habits of love do we bring to our thoughts, words, and deeds? And love is a choice.   Every moment gives us an opportunity to affirm whether we give our power to fear or to love.

It’s time to end the reign of fear.  For too long, our politics have been divorced from the spirit of love.  Our spirit empowers us, connects us, and stokes the passions of our hearts.  Our political discourse desperately needs the guidance, strength, and clarity of our soul’s force for good in the world.

Radical love is a force for radical change.  At Soul Force Politics, you have found your tribe.  Let us feed your fire!


Soul Force Politics teaches non-violent resistance, honorable leadership and successful, peaceful social action.  We raise awareness of how to grow inner wisdom to impact civic engagement.  We work to eliminate the illusion that we are separate by rejecting “Us” versus “Them” tactics that divide us.  We are all connected as ONE.


Our blog, podcasts, workshops, and retreats create engaging interactions that connect our readers, listeners, and supporters to a new level of awareness about the intersection of policy advocacy, spirituality, social justice, and community relationships.


We organize, train, and connect a nationwide network of radical love change agents ready to answer the call that challenges us to be alert, be awake, be active, and be alive with love, compassion, kindness, and connection with ALL.

Be the change you want to see.
Create the world you want to manifest.
Break through the illusions of impossibility.
Live your life’s purpose with clarity, intention, and truth.
Choose only love.

Heather Mizeur

Heather Mizeur

CEO + Founder

A former legislator and candidate for Governor, Heather Mizeur leads Soul Force Politics with a unique combination of political savvy that is woven with insights, wisdom, and clarity gained from years of intense spiritual inquiry and studies on consciousness.
Are you ready to practice heart-centered mindfulness to strengthen our democracy and soften the political divides?   When the world seems like it is upside down and chaos reigns, this is when stars are born. This is when the Phoenix rises from the ashes.  This is when we find our wings and our way forward – to becoming ONE. Now is our time.  Let’s Fly.  Together.