Have you seen “The Great Mystery Show” featured at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) until September 2nd of this year?  “From psychics to physicists, it artfully peels away the veil of the unknown, playfully exploring mystery as that one secret power behind great art, science, and pursuit of the sacred.”  My guest today is Rebecca Alban Hoffberger — the founder, director, and principal curator of AVAM.  She is a force to be reckoned with. She exudes genius. It’s hard to keep up with her rapid-fire thoughts and insights; her quotes and scientific journals; her sheer joy and wonder — but what a delight to try! She opens worlds for us to explore together.

For this hour, you will be treated to a discussion between two friends about the mystery of life, the role of the sacred, what is authentic joy, how does art and politics and spirit and community all interrelate? Do you know that the human heart has taste bud receptors? What does that mean? How does that relate to any of this? Oh, you will find out!!

We end our conversation with an exploration of the seven education goals she has used to frame the vision of her work at the museum — an institution that has always been dedicated to the work of freethinking self-taught innovators.