Priscilla Renea is one of music’s freshest voices and most talented songwriters — a musical powerhouse exploding on the scene who has the ability to capture your attention through her vocals, her lyrics, her looks, AND her uncanny wisdom on how to navigate life, pivot around the barriers, meet fear with fierce truth and a heart of love, and rise above it all.

You likely know Priscilla’s work without knowing her name, as she has penned #1 smash hits for nearly every popular vocal artist in the industry. And now it is time for her to make her own mark with the debut later this summer of her new album, “Coloured.

Just this week, Parade Magazine, in a profile about this album, notes that Priscilla Renea “triumphs on Coloured with lush vocals, infectious grooves and a way with words that is unparalleled. The maturity of her artistic vision is like a breath of fresh air.”

Parade Magazine sums up the experience of Renea’s new album by noting that, “spanning classic R&B, dark-edged country and urban-soul, Coloured is a fierce, political, and personal collection of stories that reckon with…love, heartbreak, and racial trauma.”

If you live in the Washington, DC area, I hope you will join me at Priscilla Renea’s upcoming show at the City’s Songbyrd Music House on Sunday, May 20th.

Yes, I want you to buy and listen to her music; but I also want you to get to know her story; her heart; and her stance for fairness in the world.  Join us for a #SoulForcePolitics conversation with one of music’s most interesting new personalities, or as others in the media have noted: Priscilla Renea, “The Brain Behind Your Favorite Bangers.”