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Welcome to the Soul Force Politics 8-week Study Group on

Unlearning Racism

It takes a strong, coherent, and courageous heart to surrender to a truth we have long avoided.

From our country’s very founding, we have nurtured a culture of denial about our darkest impulses. Our nation was conceived and propagated under genocide and slavery – original sins for which we have never confessed nor reconciled within our collective conscience.

As such, these core wounds have festered among us for generations, causing us to behave in ways unbecoming of a truly great nation. For us to live up to our potential – for all of us to heal – we must be willing to undress illusion and look at ourselves, collectively and individually, with eyes willing to see the naked truth. 

This study group experience is an invitation to be curious and stretch yourself like never before. You want to be part of the shifting consciousness on racism. The work begins within. We must learn to bear witness to ourselves — noticing our discomfort; embracing the unknown; taking risks to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and grow. This is the path to liberation, both individually and collectively.

Over the next two months, we will journey together through facilitated and participant-driven conversations on eight weekly topics related to white privilege/supremacy/fragility, anti-racism, and racial justice.  We will review various articles, book chapters, podcasts, and instructional videos curated by Soul Force Politics to raise awareness and promote transformation as we collectively disarm, disrupt, and dismantle racism in our lives, communities, and institutions.

Thank you for joining these courageous conversations.

A Note About Facilitation of Our Zoom Gatherings

Come to this circle knowing that Heather Mizeur’s facilitation style is focused on helping you to improve the process of internal examination and self-reflection rather than external action. The journey to transformation that we will experience during these 8-weeks is meant to change your relationship to yourself, and in so doing, provide insight and clarity about the external engagements you pursue for change in the world around you. This has always been the focus of the work we sponsor at Soul Force Politics.

The content in the curriculum is meant to educate, inspire, and challenge you. Our conversations together are not meant to be exclusively an academic review of materials with scholastic conversation about the content. Rather, we are using our work with these sources as guides and prompts to watch ourselves, our responses, and what feelings, emotions, discomfort, and insights arise from this work. Pay attention and take note. Be curious about yourself in this this way — and bring what you find to our group dialogues.

We will begin each of our gatherings with a practice to center presence in our bodies, followed by a brief check-in round. Our check-ins will vary through the course of our time together. For the first two weeks, we will have one-minute shares to open the circle and enrich the space for vulnerable connection. As we progress with our work, shorter check-ins will be the custom (a few words). We will use the breakout room function on Zoom to have small-group dialogues (of 3 people) in addition to our full group conversations.

Through our dedication to a contemplative approach, we are reclaiming connection, care, and compassion as a means to transform race.


(Links to syllabus are only given to enrolled students)


Zero Point — Historical Background


Week One — Foundational: On Race, Love, and Liberation (August 11)


Week Two — White Privilege and White Supremacy Culture (August 18)


Week Three — White Fragility (August 25)


Week Four — Reconstruction Reconsidered (September 1)


Week Five — The Economy Built by Slavery and Reparations Revisited (September 8)


Week Six — The Legacy of Jim Crow + Intersectionality (September 15)


Week Seven — Decolonization and the Wisdom of Indigenous Teachings (September 22)


Week Eight — Review, Reflect, Debrief, and Emerge (September 29)


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Registration for this 8-Week Study Group is now closed.  However, we will be offering this course again in the future.

If you would like to contact Heather Mizeur to put your name on the wait list for the next class offering or to ask her to facilitate a similar dialogue for your company or organization, you can email

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