Be gentle with yourself.

We are in a collective moment where the stress is as high as the stakes in the outcome of the election and we are all better served by taking a step back from the chaos and investing in some self-care.

Might you pull away from social media for a little while and give yourself a break from the addictive and mindless scrolling and refreshing your feeds to see what fresh hell is presenting itself in the newest dumpster fire or what today’s polling average is suggesting in key battleground states? It’s an energetic trap. We think it will somehow make us feel better to see, to know, to be on top of it all. When actually, it sucks our soul. It’s fueling what is dividing us. Find the strength to walk away. Set your phone down. Turn the cable news off. Give yourself a break. Even if just for today.

Spend today connecting to nature, walking outside, reading your favorite book, or cooking a lavish meal. Take a soaking bath with candles, or light a fire to welcome the new season. Meditate. Journal to give your heart unscripted and quiet reflection space to speak to you. Embrace the creative promptings of an art project. Collage. Do a puzzle. Pull out some coloring books. Drink a cup of herbal tea.

These are energy-renewing choices. Invest in activities that lift your spirits and raise your heart’s vibration. Pay attention to what drains you and give it a rest. We could all benefit from a little more balance right now to restore our capacity for resilience.

As you feel yourself become more expansive in this space, see if you can find some room to invite unconditional love to reside within you. All of our collective fears, anxiety, judgements, and division over these past four years have removed many of us from what makes us most human – our ability to authentically love, deeply connect, and be curious about each other.

We need to cultivate these tools to fortify and strengthen ourselves for the hard work ahead. No matter the outcome of the election this week, we will still have a global health pandemic; we will still have a massive need to unlearn racism and break down white supremacy structures; we will still have a climate crisis breathing down on us. And these are only just the most urgent and complex problems demanding our attention.

None of it “gets fixed” by one side alone. To find our way out of this mess, we are all going to have to work together. If we do not find our way to a healthier civic engagement, we might as well get used to the chaos of 2020 as a new, permanent way of being no matter who is our President.

Personally, I am eternally optimistic about humanity’s ability to turn the corner on these threats; to awaken to a deeper heart wisdom that will guide us on a path to our best selves.

I am excited to offer opportunities to learn more about how to do this in the coming months.

But for now, be gentle with yourself.

And know, from the bottom of my heart to yours, that you are loved. I have seen your light shine. It is a powerful force for good in the world. Gather it up for some nurturing self-care, and prepare to join me in the coming year to radiate it in ways beyond your wildest imagination.

You. Your light. Your inner wisdom. Your special shine. That unique gift in you that knows how to make this world a better place.

I am with you.

On the path to liberation and with radical love,

PS — and of course, by all means, don’t forget to VOTE!!