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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

A Camp Soul Force Politics Retreat at Apotheosis Farm

October 17-20, 2019



Art courtesy of extraordinary visual artist, Alex Grey — catch his podcast with Soul Force Politics, “Psychedelic Mystical Experiences & the Expression of the Sacred in Visionary Art” at this link.

Imagine living in peace, harmony, equality, non-judgment, and unconditional love — a place of boundless space with no past or future, only the present moment.  In this space there is no fear.  Here we live and experience the joyful bliss of pure eternal consciousness.  When we live in the tiny space of the heart, we reside in the Consciousness of Unity.  There is no separation.  We know that we are One with all of life.  In truth, we have never really left this state of Oneness.  It resides eternally within us.  We have simply forgotten how to stay in Unity.  This workshop will reignite our connection to that knowing.

Our facilitator, Dorothy Wallis, is a student of author Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work and has been trained to offer workshops to help advance higher consciousness through a deeper connection with the light of our heart space.

In this journey, we recognize that we are already divine.  We have merely separated from remembering our true essence, which causes separation from our physical body, mind, and emotions.  This separation creates disharmony and conflict within.  The pathway to Oneness begins with loving all of who we are and stopping the battle with our body, mind, and emotions.  When we learn how to love and be present with our whole being, we are on the pathway to unconditional love and non-judgment.  We are on the path of healing.  We are awakening the illuminated heart.


This very special retreat of Awakening is designed to:

• Awaken the remembrance of who you are
• Love all of who you are; develop self compassion and healthy self esteem

• Remember the true nature and purpose of your emotional body
• Balance and align your mind with your heart

• Recognize the world as a reflection of yourself

• Remember how to create

• Remember how to ascend into higher consciousness

• Live from the sacred space of the unified field of the heart in unconditional love

During these 4 days of experiential processes you will:

• Understand the relationship between spirit and three bodies of physicality
• Experience a day of heartful sound healing
• Gain awareness of your beliefs and become conscious of your choices
• Experience connection through the unity breath meditation
• Access your higher self through the sacred space of the heart
• Experience creating through imagery and the tiny space of the heart
• Activate your third eye and inner light
• Activate your Merkaba field
• Live in joy from your pure authentic essence self

Dorothy Wallis, a Denver, Colorado-based Psychotherapist, will be at Apotheosis Farm to offer this masterclass retreat on Awakening the Illuminated Heart.
Ms. Wallis is an international spiritual teacher that has taught meditation, vision retreats, metaphysical and energy workshops since 1993.  At the forefront of the consciousness movement for over thirty years, Dorothy is grounded in practices of meditation, family systems, relationships, and emotional growth.  Her work reflects efficacious modalities of alternative approaches to healing based upon the latest research in science, human energy fields, psychology, and spirituality.
In 2002, her mentor and friend, author Drunvalo Melchizedek brought her into relationship with the Merkaba and into teaching the Flower of Life workshop, which evolved into the heart-based workshop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart.
She is a leader in the field of emotional consciousness and the connection to mind, body, and spirit.  Her compassionate approach using somatic and sensory awareness teaches you how to connect to your body, intuition, and knowing to clear emotional wounds at the core.



▪ Psychotherapist M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy
▪ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Wellness Institute
▪ Certified Relational Life Therapist Relational Life Institute
▪ Certified Instructor of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart
▪ Shamanic Practitioner
▪ Meditation Instructor & Workshop Facilitator
▪ The Journey Therapy

Workshop Hours: 9am to 5:30pm daily

Thursday, October 17 –  Sunday, October 20

Workshop Fee: $500

Bring your own lunch and snacks.  Food not provided.

Participation is limited to a small group

On campus housing offered at additional cost:

Twin beds in shared rooms or private Queen and King rooms

Shared bathrooms for all

Airbnb and hotel options available in Chestertown

Inquire and RSVP at