On December 6th, I finished my 47th trip around the Sun.  A dear friend of mine and a board member for Soul Force Politics gave me a present that I will forever cherish — a custom-made watch with the Soul Force Politics logo on the face of it.  The kicker is that she did not give me just one.  I got five of them!  And she told me to be creative how I wanted to use them.  Do you want one?

Of course you want one!  They are super cool!!  So here is what I decided:  I’m keeping two and putting three up for “auction” to our biggest supporters and fans. 

Between now and the end of the year, make a gift of any amount and you will be entered to win.  The first two watches will go to the winners of two separate drawings from these categories:  (1) any amount donated and (2) recurring contributors.  Anyone who signs up as (or already is) a recurring monthly contributor gets entered in both categories for two chances to win.  The third watch will go to the donor who gives the largest year-end gift to Soul Force Politics.

This is a great time to remind you that I am not paid a salary for this work.  It is truly a labor of love.  However, your generous contributions do pay for our ongoing production costs for the podcast; website hosting; database licensing; retreat preparations; trainings costs; travel for conducting interviews; and our ability to offer scholarships for our events, plus more. 

I was already going to write at the end of the year asking you to be generous.  Now I get to offer you a chance at receiving a fun and meaningful gift in exchange for your support.  I hope you will take us up on this exciting offer and give Soul Force Politics the fuel it needs to start 2020 strong!

I’m so excited to share my birthday present with you.  And by your giving to Soul Force Politics, it feels like another birthday present back to me, because you are supporting and giving love to work that I cherish; work that I feel born to do.  THANK YOU.
 As always, I deeply appreciate your friendship and support.  Soul Force Politics could not be out there doing this work without your encouragement, generosity, and engagement in a better world.

Much (radical) love to you and blessings for an amazing New Year,