Today’s guest is one of our country’s best-known progressive voices in the Catholic church — freshly home from the Vatican, where he received a private audience with Pope Francis to discuss his growing ministry to LGBTQ Catholics. He came to the priesthood after rejecting a life in corporate America; found himself the go-to “Resident Chaplain” on the Colbert Report; and is the author of several best-selling books, the editor-at-large for America Magazine, and is a widely followed commentator on national and international news. Join us for an insightful, funny, and inspiring conversation with Father Jim Martin.

A couple of disclaimers about our interview.

Nothing about this conversation is meant to be exclusive of other faith traditions. While Father Jim and I share stories and insights that are Christ-focused, we joyfully support and honor all faiths.

And while we engage in a dialogue about various aspects of the Catholic Church’s teachings, we do not use this interview to acknowledge a history of the Church’s many failings beyond the LGBTQ issues that are the focus of this episode. Speaking for Soul Force Politics, I want to clarify that not talking about it does not mean we do not see or acknowledge the Church’s shortcomings on a variety of issues that range from discrimination against women, contributions to the annihilation of tribal culture and forced assimilation, and sexual abuse of children just to name a few. The Church is a human institution, and as such, is just as flawed as it is beautiful.