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Great Radical Race Read 

An Invitation to Transform Race Towards Collective Liberation

I am excited to introduce you to the revolutionary vision of my dear friend and teacher, the Rev. angel Kyodo williams. Through her Radical Dharma lens, she has incredible insights on race, love, and liberation that are deeply aligned with the mission of Soul Force Politics.

We are thrilled to join her in the kick off her newest project, the Great Radical Race Read, and invite you to join our Team Soul Force Politics to transform race towards collective liberation.

Keep reading below to learn what we are up to over these coming 5 weeks…and join us for the transformation!

With Radical Love,


Heather R. Mizeur
CEO + Founder, Soul Force Politics

You are invited to join a collective, virtual space to engage in a shared practice of unlearning racism during The Great Radical Race Read (GR3)

Though we are gathering our intentions and creating collective community around the process of reading and discussing critical titles, this is not your typical book club!

Here’s how it works.

Between now and August 4th, participants will join GR3 circles/teams that will gather virtually as “readativists” for self-paced studies, interactions, and dialogue centered on one of five chosen titles in the GR3 book stack (groups may also pick their own books):

Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation
• Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You
• The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
• My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies
• When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir

Who is a “readativist”?

A readativist is a person committed to collective liberation who:
• Invites people to do necessary inner work to disarm ourselves of being complicit in systems
• Wants to transform race as we know it
• Fully embraces love — situated in care, connection and compassion — as the seat of our collective justice work

The Great Radical Race Read launches on July 29th and will convene through Black August for 5 weeks on Wednesdays. A guidebook will be offered to assist the process of reading and discussing your chosen book title and for translating it into an embodied experience. Each week, there will be a live video teaching from Rev. angel Kyodo williams, called a “READ-In” (Race Education Awareness & Disruption) that organizes the work around the Radical Dharma framework for liberation. GR3 participants will gather in this virtual space and have opportunities to connect with members of their Circles for conversations.  The READ-ins will be recorded if you miss the live teachings.

The Framework for Liberation (RD5)

1) Contemplative Approach

Dropping into a contemplative approach calls us to set aside the relationship we have to the words being spoken and let their meaning slow down the field of feeling so we may resonate differently. Allow for the gap between intention and experience.

2) Embodied Practice

Embodiment practices for self-interruption of unskillful patterns to ground ourselves in centering and dropping into presence. Disruption outside begins within. When we are present, we become responsible; owning what is ours.

3) Connected to Liberatory Path

Liberatory path reflects what drives our work; who grounds our work; and how do we close the gap between priorities and what really matters.

4) Connected to Prophetic Praxis

Prophets tell the time; they are naming what is current. But because we do not recognize it, it feels like they are predicting the future. Society holds onto what was. Through prophetic praxis, we connect to what actually is.

5) Collective Process

None of this work is achieved alone. It is the collective process that creates spaces for collective transformation.


Each GR3 Circle team will raise money for the shared goal of:

1. Powering the technology and people that make G3 possible

2. Creating the Collective READeR Café (Race Education Awareness & Disruption Resources) the first standing virtual and interactive space for engaging dialogues, media, and conversations on race and (un)learning through the Radical Dharma lens that offers a framework for liberation. The Café is being built around the GR3 book stack and additional classics, and will grow from there.

3. Funding the costs of converting and building online resources and training on racism and internalized racism based on the highly effective in-person Radical Dharma Race Space models to be more widely available and accessible regardless of income



Okay, stick with me for a minute here so you don’t get confused on how to enroll.  It’s easy; but it’s a few steps and you are navigating another website to do it so I want to be as clear as possible about the process to assist you.

To join our Team Soul Force Politics Circle, you must go to GR3 fundraising website (linked below at “Enroll Here”)  and do two things — hit the “Join” button as well as the “Donate” button.

When you hit the “Join” button, you will be asked to create an account in this system (GR3 is using a non-profit fundraising platform called Classy).  The first prompt will say Start Fundraising — Log In or Create an Account.

When you create your page, you set a goal (it can be the amount you intend to give), it automatically populates as raising funds for the Radical Dharma Race Movement effort supported by the GR3.  Just make sure you are selecting Soul Force Politics as the team you are connected to for this project.  After you create the page, you must then hit the red donate button to process your contribution.

Please also email me directly after you have done this so I can include you on updates sent to our entire Circle to help you enroll in a few other technologies that the GR3 team is using to facilitate our group dialogues and READ-in teachings during this project.  My email is

You have until August 4th to enroll.

Ready, set, go!


Once you enroll, obtain a copy of Resmaa Menakem’s book, “My Grandmother’s Hands” and begin reading.  Our group is reading 5 chapters each week.

Please note that communications about this event after you enroll will be posted on our Team Soul Force Politics page on the GR3 caucus for our Circle.

Team Soul Force Politics:

Our GR3 Circle team has set the goal of raising $2000. We are reading healer, author, and trauma specialist, Resmaa Menakem’s book, “My Grandmother’s Hands” to explore racialized trauma in our bodies and to overlay teachings from the Radical Dharma framework for liberation that will help set it free.

Our team captain, Heather Mizeur (CEO of Soul Force Politics), will offer supplemental Zoom sessions to gather our group and explore what we are reading and learning in this collective during our 5 weeks of exploring together.


The GR3 is offered in addition to the other conversational series that Soul Force Politics is conducting this summer on “Stepping Out of Whiteness and Unlearning Racism.”

Learn more / sign up for our 8-week Unlearning Racism Study Group that begins in August here.