Mother Earth, how would the world be different if we radically loved you?

Ask instead, my child, how the world would be different if you knew MY radical love for YOU?

Say that again?

Our relationship is alive and dynamic. But you have forgotten. For just one day, allow your hearts to fill with the immense reservoir of love I have for all of humanity. Remember the wisdom I blew into your heart at your very first breath. It’s your separation from my unconditional love that causes you to act in unskillful ways against me.

But how can you love us? We have caused you so much harm.

That is what radical love is and I am your primary teacher. I love you so much that I co-created you. There is nothing you can do to be unworthy of my love. I see the goodness of your hearts. I know you are afraid – and in fear, you make unwise choices. Let me lead you back to love.

How will you do that?

I remind you each and every day how precious you are to me, if you have the courage to awaken.

When your lungs breathe in the oxygen of the trees, I am inside you, sharing my essence. Preserve it.

When you swallow refreshing water, it is my lifeforce that animates and sustains you. Protect it.

When you eat delicious foods, it is the gift of my abundance dancing within you. Share it.

You have forgotten that these are gifts for YOU. Don’t defend these on my behalf alone. Love yourself enough not to destroy your own home. We are in communion together. This is unity consciousness.

Gentle Mother, thank you for your patience with our mistakes; for your faith in humanity; and for your profound guiding wisdom, beauty, and majesty. Grant that we might see ourselves with the same loving grace that you wash upon us with each beat of our heart. And together, may we step into the profound possibilities that unfold when radical love is given and received.