I wrote these words in a Facebook Post the day after the Presidential Election, November 9, 2016.  I can look back and see here how the roots of Soul Force Politics were being formed in these early days after the election.  I think these words still ring true.

Blessed be. You are the light workers. Your heart is heavy and these results have temporarily stolen your clarity. Observe yourself in this moment. Let the anger rise, only to release it and transform its nature. Do not, however, let it come out against any of your brothers and sisters. Allow it to be a private release. Then hold it, look at it, and send it on its way. Anger, fear, division, doubt, ego, aggression, and rage have no place in the world we want to create together. Do. Not. Let. It. Win. The only way we move backwards is if you give in to these tendencies. We need you and your light and your giant hearts to step up in the biggest ways imaginable right now. We have never faced a larger test than this…and yet, it is here because we can transform it.

I take comfort in knowing that this loss was delivered to those who are most capable of handling it. We are a divided nation that seeks healing – the awakened versus those still asleep. The sleeping ones need our compassion. They need our hugs. They need our gentle understanding that they are very, very afraid. If we had won, their darkest instincts would have emerged more ferociously. We can accept defeat without feeding our demons.

For sure, it feels like a heavy price to pay; and it is beyond crushing to know that the job ahead of us will be filled with so many challenges. But we can do this. We are strong. We can give the unconditional love that is the magic of true transformation. America is trying to rid itself of its worst tendencies that have been ingrained in our culture since its inception. Of course this energy would not go down without a fight. However, our secret weapon is that our approach is not to engage it or let it dampen our lights. We will shine more brightly. Every cockroach scurries when the lights are turned on. Darkness has no power over us. And we must continue to make the choice that we will break down the illusion that we are separate – that it is us vs. them; and instead practice our truth that We Are One.

I know this is bitter medicine today. I have had trouble swallowing it myself. And I also know that there is something here in these words that will resonate with your highest self and will call the healing forward if you open to it.

Might I be so bold as to offer one important prescription? Turn off the televisions. It’s our culture’s fascination with this medium that has created this next President. It’s a constant diet of fear that intrudes into homes on a nearly 24-hour basis. It is a cancer. Spend your time in nature instead. Her wisdom will guide you on this path to peace. Spend your time talking to family and friends. Their love will sustain you. Spend your time observing your thoughts, actions, and instincts. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner life.

I love you. All of you.