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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Contact: Heather R. Mizeur | 240.464.8523

Mizeur Launches Non-Profit That Reflects Her Signature Political Brand

Heather Mizeur, former Maryland legislator and 2014 Gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary, today launched a non-profit organization meant to bridge the divides that exist in the current partisan political environment.

MizMaryland | Soul Force Politics is dedicated to connecting our political discourse and civic actions with the guidance, strength, and clarity of our soul’s force for good in the world.

At the heart of this work is the belief that we are all connected, rejecting traditional political tactics that divide people and ideas into categories of “us” against “them.” Asked how to sum up this initiative, Mizeur said, “Soul Force Politics is the thoughtful combination of our inner wisdom with our external actions. When our spirit is awakened and allowed to guide our political discourse, we find more room for common ground, connections, and understanding differences of opinion.”

Mizeur put these ideas to the test when she ran for Governor, rejecting the typical campaign playbooks and refusing to say anything negative about her opponents. She said, “I have always had a very strong desire to change politics as usual. This new organization is really just an outgrowth of my signature political creed – ‘be for something, not against someone’.”

MizMaryland | Soul Force Politics is home to a new policy blog and podcast written and hosted by Heather Mizeur. In its inaugural launch, the policy blog makes news by proposing a state-based community service program tied to tuition free community college called, “Benefit Maryland.”

The podcast boasts an impressive line up, featuring celebrities like rock star Melissa Etheridge, The Wire’s Sonja Sohn, and politicians Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) and former U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). Mizeur connects intimately, often with surprising revelations. Her guests open up on topics that intersect at the crossroads of policy advocacy, spirituality, social justice, and community relationships.

“I’m thrilled to be Heather’s first podcast guest,” says Melissa Etheridge. “We have a deep friendship that was built on a mutual love of politics that morphed into a beautiful spiritual partnership. It makes so much sense that this is the next phase of what Heather is bringing into the world. We need a leader that shows us how to blend politics and spirituality. What a gift,” Etheridge concludes.

Barbara Mikulski offers, “This is my very first podcast and I had so much fun recording it with Heather Mizeur. This organization is the right prescription at the exact right time in our history. May the Soul Force be with us all!”

Showing the organization’s nonpartisan approach, Mizeur sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with Maryland’s GOP Governor Larry Hogan. “Soul Force Politics is a breath of fresh air and exactly what we need more of,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “At a time when so much of our political discourse is about spreading division instead of finding common sense solutions, Heather is proving it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. At the end of the day, there is always more that unites us than divides us.”

MizMaryland will also offer trainings, workshops, and retreats to connect organizers to non-violent resistance education, tenants of peaceful protest, and a deeper connection to the wisdom of nature. The organization proposes building “Camp MizMD” in the spirit of the Lakota Sioux resistance camps at Standing Rock on land donated by the farm owned by Heather and Deborah Mizeur on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

In its initial workshop offerings, MizMaryland’s events calendar boasts nine regional “Finding Your Inner Wonder Woman” workshops over the next month all across the state to promote women’s empowerment through an interactive multi-media presentation based on the archetypal themes of the successful warrior woman displayed in the 2017 box office hit movie from Warner Bros. Studios.

Mizeur reminds would-be followers of her mission that, “You have found your tribe. We will feed your fire.” MizMaryland promotes itself as a “fire-starter for social justice warriors.” On her biography page of the website, Heather writes that she is “dedicated to advancing the consciousness of unconditional love while taking up the fiery sword of a social justice warrior.”

You can learn more about MizMaryland | Soul Force Politics, read its blog offerings, and listen to its podcasts at