Radical love is the medicine for these times. As we encounter so much overwhelming violence and darkness, our pledge must not be to “fight” it, but rather smother it with unconditional love. From the words and behavior of our President all the way down to the domestic terrorists sending pipe bombs in the mail and opening gun fire in places of worship, what we are witnessing is the grotesque darkness that comes from a lack of love. When I say that I want nothing more than to hold each of these men in my arms and to cloak them in the embrace of unconditional love, you might call me crazy. But in recoiling at that thought, you get a sense of its power. Love is not weakness. It’s the mightiest strength in the world and it is the only thing that will change how we are choosing to witness our human experience.

It is possible to stand against these heinous behaviors and mourn the victims, the loss, the suffering, and the senseless acts of violence while simultaneously offering compassion and radically open hearts to shift the behaviors of those inflicting their pain on us.

We have to see ourselves in the other. We are the migrant in the caravan seeking a better life. We are the Jew at Synagogue worshiping Yahweh. We are the Arab journalist risking everything for the cause of freedom. We are the brave women speaking our truth and refusing to be victims to sexual violence. We are the innocent black man who is shot first and asked questions later. AND we are also the bully inside of Trump; the child who was taught fear and hate; the scared man that blames his hopelessness on the division he perceives in the difference of others. We are all one, and from that place of connection we can find our compassion for the struggle and our answer through love. Mighty, blessed, powerful, unconditional love.

So when these events taunt us to respond with our own darkness, we see a different choice to use our light. Our light will set the path for peace, reconciliation, and transformation. It is the way.