Today’s guest is the author of an incredible book that I strongly urge you to add to your collection, “Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change.” Sherri Mitchell was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian Reservation and her professional career spans work as an attorney, policy advocate, civil rights educator for the Maine Attorney General’s office, and founding director of the Land Peace Foundation. In this compelling book, she shares with us knowledge and lived experiences that weave together the political, scientific, ethical, and spiritual aspects surrounding a multitude of complex issues that we must traverse for a deeper collective healing from the trauma of colonization.

This book brings forward unique wisdom teachings from First Nations people that can set us all on a better course. In this podcast, we explore how to silence ourselves to hear the wisdom of our highest authority and how quantum entanglement probes us to right our relationship to life itself. We discuss the myth of separation and how oneness and sameness are not equal. We deconstruct the ways that water has been colonized and how this threatens our very existence. We acknowledge the power of co-creation and untangle how our rights must always be grounded in a corresponding set of responsibilities. We end our conversation with a fascinating review of Indigenous teachings on the roles of sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies and how to keep them in balance for a harmonious way of being. Through it all, you will be struck by the deep intuitive knowing that comes from a way of life that is guided by sacred instructions. May this be the invitation for you to walk in the world in this more enlightened way as well.