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Create in your community a

Soul Force Politics #RadicalLove Chapter


After we conduct a workshop or retreat, we are often asked how one might go about building on these skills and talents with others in their local area.  We envision a world where Soul Force Politics #RadicalLove chapters are created in communities all across the country to engage and support each other in putting radical love principles into action.

Ideas on how to get started:

• Invite friends to a regularly scheduled meet up (like a book club).  You can use our #SoulForcePolitics podcasts as a starter point for conversation.  Agree to listen to a particular podcast and gather to discuss questions and explore topics raised in that episode.


• Join our Soul Force Politics #RadicalLove Discussion Group on Facebook (or start your own) to connect your chapter and create a space for questions, comments, insights, and shared ideas.


• Use our guide for conversation topics to help you get started.


Schedule a Soul Force Politics retreat in your community or invite your group to visit the Camp Soul Force Politics’ retreat center at Apotheosis Farm — inquire at to schedule and invite Heather Mizeur to facilitate.  Review scheduled retreat offerings on our home page’s “retreat” button.


• Invite Heather Mizeur to speak to your group and/or offer a livestream video to kick off your activities.


• Other activities that could support a #RadicalLove community group include: nature walks, meditation sessions, potlucks with healthy food for the soul, sound baths, and ceremony of all types that are used to connect and heal each other.


Starter Guide on Conversations / Topics for Discussion:


✓ Trusting Inner Wisdom to Empower Action

⁃ How can I improve my mindfulness and observation skills to guide my choices?
⁃ Do I honor my power by pausing before I choose a response?

✓ BeIng Curious About What You Reject

⁃ You are a reflection of me. What is it that I am rejecting?
⁃ What are your values? How can I better understand your perspective?

✓ Radical Love Begins as an Inside Job

⁃ I cannot love anything externally in the world if I am not first filled with self love.
⁃ What negative self talk keeps me from loving myself fully?
⁃ Can I see the ways that I am not loving myself when I am not loving you?
⁃ Compassion is an ally in radical love.

✓ Reflections on Gratitude

⁃ It is hard to be angry when we are filled with gratitude.
⁃ Sharing a gratitude practice with someone creates a common connection.
⁃ For what are you most grateful?

✓ The Power of Intention

⁃ We create our world with our words.
⁃ What intention is behind our creative force?
⁃ Are we bringing awareness to the power of our ability to create?
⁃ What do we create from our light? From our darkness?

✓ The Choices are Love or Fear

⁃ Every moment gives us an opportunity to practice our power of choice.
⁃ Do we respond with love or fear?
⁃ How might I improve granting my love to others without conditions?

✓ Finding the Light Within the Darkness

⁃ The sky needs the darkness to create rain; the cosmos needs darkness to shine the stars; the sun needs the darkness to reflect its light off the moon.
⁃ Our wholeness of being requires us to love our light and our darkness.
⁃ However, loving our darkness does not mean we act out upon it.
⁃ How does the observation of my darkness empower me to make choices based in love?

✓ The Illusion of Impossibility

⁃ We tell ourselves many stories that are not true, including ones that limit our power.
⁃ What do I currently view as impossible in my life?
⁃ How might my world be different if I acted with the confidence of possibility?
⁃ Do I honor my ability to manifest and co-create?
⁃ What are my limiting beliefs?