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Soul Food — Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

for Social Justice Warriors

A Camp Soul Force Politics Retreat at Apotheosis Farm

June 1st & 2nd, 2019

The farm’s creek and kayaks, swimming pool, hot tub, nature trails, movie theater, and yoga studio are calling you to join us for a special women’s retreat for self renewal.


The Revolution is tiring! We cannot make a positive imprint on the world when we are stressed, spent, frazzled, frustrated, and consumed by the chaos. It’s time for some Soul Food.

Join us at Apotheosis Farm for a fabulous women’s retreat weekend dedicated to your self renewal and well being. We will relax our bodies, refresh our perspectives, renew our purposes in being, and regenerate our connections to nature and the larger world we wish to serve.

At this retreat, you will gain new skills to navigate these tumultuous times by learning how to harness your inner wisdom to create radical change in your communities. Leave the farm ready to bring forth heart-centered mindfulness to strengthen democracy and soften political divides.


Our workshops, conversation topics, and group activities will include:

Cooking classes
Kayaking, Swimming, and Nature Walks
Artful Expression Through Soul Collage
How to Blend Herbs for Taste & Healing
‘Smores Around the Fire Pit
Trusting Inner Wisdom to Empower Action
Being Curious About What You Reject
Radical Love Begins as an Inside Job
Reflections on Gratitude
The Power of Intention
The Choices are Love or Fear
Finding the Light Within the Darkness
The Illusion of Impossibility




“Mind blown. Every time.  I’ve attended multiple retreats at Apotheosis Farm and I always leave with new skills, insights, and heart wisdom to walk in this world very differently.   Basically, whenever Soul Force Politics and Apotheosis Farm team up for retreats, you will see me there.”
— Eric B.
“Looking for a respite and retreat space to refuel your soul and refill your heart? I highly recommend Soul Force Politics. Heather and Deborah have created a space that attracts special folks and provide food for body and spirit. The inaugural retreat was well planned and smoothly run with lots of listening, learning, and laughter together, as well as smiles, sharing, and an environment that invited us all to sit down and stay a spell. Apotheosis Farm is magical.”
 — Tammy V.
“This retreat touched my soul, inspired me, and helped me build community.”
— Mark P.


“During Camp Soul Force Politics…I was taken by the easy flow of time, sharing, and laughter with people I’d never met before.   I hope they will continue their important and heartfelt work.”
— Pam W.
“Thank you for a profoundly centering experience. Thanks to all who made this possible.  What a privilege it is to be with those looking at the world with eyes wide open, and moving forward with a shared vision of connectedness. We are all one. I feel clearer about my own purpose and how to have my work in the world come from that place.”
— Laura N.


June 1st and 2nd

Participation is limited to 20 people.

To inquire about space availability, email us at


$500 — includes instruction and materials for all scheduled activities, meals, and snacks

On campus housing is offered at additional cost

Camping is Free

+$50 — Twin bed, shared rooms

+$100 — Queen and King Bedrooms

All bedrooms have shared bathrooms

Airbnb and hotel options available in Chestertown