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Why Should I Participate?

You are ready for radical change.

It takes a strong, coherent, and courageous heart to surrender to a truth we have long avoided.

From our country’s very founding, we have nurtured a culture of denial about our darkest impulses. Our nation was conceived and propagated under genocide and slavery – original sins for which we have never confessed nor reconciled within our collective conscience.

As such, these core wounds have festered among us for generations, causing us to behave in ways unbecoming of a truly great nation. For us to live up to our potential – for all of us to heal – we must be willing to undress illusion and look at ourselves, collectively and individually, with eyes willing to see the naked truth.

This is not the moment to ask black people what we do next. This is white people’s work. The problem we seek to understand is not what black people have experienced under racist systems and how we can help them; but rather, how our whiteness causes the problems, perpetuates the systems, and feeds the inequality we wish to abolish.

Our utter lack of awareness about whiteness is the insidious culprit in this saga.

This Unlearning Racism Study Group experience is an invitation to be curious and stretch yourself like never before. You want to be part of the shifting consciousness on racism. The work begins within. We must learn to bear witness to ourselves — noticing our discomfort; embracing the unknown; taking risks to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and grow. This is the path to liberation, both individually and collectively.

Over our two months together, we will journey through facilitated and participant-driven conversations on eight weekly topics related to white privilege/supremacy/fragility, anti-racism, and racial justice.  We will review various articles, book chapters, podcasts, and instructional videos curated by Soul Force Politics. The curriculum in this certified course is meant to challenge and inspire you; to fill in the gaps of institutional bias that prevented a full rendering of our historic truths; to acquaint you with some of the most brilliant Black and Indigenous authors, thinkers, and artists across the generations. And in so doing, invite you into a new relationship with yourself and others as we raise awareness and promote transformation to collectively disarm, disrupt, and dismantle racism in our lives, communities, and institutions.

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