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What Will I Learn?

The curriculum in this certified course is meant to challenge and inspire you; to fill in the gaps of institutional bias that prevented a full rendering of our historic truths; to acquaint you with some of the most brilliant Black and Indigenous authors, thinkers, and artists across the generations. And in so doing, invite you into a new relationship with yourself and others as we raise awareness and build the skills to collectively disarm, disrupt, and dismantle racism in our lives, communities, and institutions.

Each week will require a minimum of 7 hours of investment from you. Expect to spend roughly 5 hours reading, listening, and watching the assignments for each week’s curriculum.

The alchemical gold is generated by bringing our experiences with the content into our weekly dialogue sessions with the class cohort via Zoom, which last 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The eight weeks of content in the syllabus actually start with Zero Point — materials you are asked to review two weeks before the class starts so we begin with some shared historical context. For the final class, there are no materials to review. Rather, we focus on a series of journal prompts to assist with integration of the work.

Every week’s assignments are shared with a summary overview and questions for consideration to help you more deeply digest the content in preparation for the small group dialogue sessions during our Zoom meet ups.

Please note: all materials will be provided and are included in the cost of your enrollment. While you might decide you want to explore a book in its entirety after being exposed to some of its content (and we have a great list of titles curated in our Bookshop), no additional purchases will be required for the fulfillment of the curriculum.

An Overview of Each Week’s Curriculum Topics

(links to materials are given to enrolled students)

Zero Point —        Historical Background

Week One —        Foundational: On Race, Love, and Liberation

Week Two —        White Privilege and White Supremacy

Week Three —     White Fragility

Week Four —       Reconstruction Reconsidered

Week Five —        The Economy Built By Slavery and Reparations Revisited

Week Six —          The Legacy of Jim Crow + Intersectionality

Week Seven —    Decolonization and the Wisdom of Indigenous Teachings

Week Eight —      Review, Reflect, Debrief, and Emerge

Jump Start — Essays From Soul Force Politics

This Course Is Certified?

Enrolled students who actively participate in and finish the course will receive certification from Soul Force Politics for having completed 60+ hours of rigorous studies in anti-racism work.

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