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Who Is the Facilitator?

Heather Mizeur is uniquely trained to guide you in this moment. She is licensed as a HeartMath certified mentor and has undertaken extensive training on undoing racism.  As a former state legislator, she gained valuable mediation skills and is known as someone who speaks uncomfortable truths from a place of heart wisdom, authenticity, and compassion.  Heather combines these skills with years of dedicated spiritual inquiry that centers her insights in an embodied practice of daily living from a place of deep integrity and love.

Heather is pictured here with her teacher, friend, and co-collaborator in this work, the Rev. angel Kyodo williams. A portion of the donations for this course are dedicated as profit-sharing to support Rev. angel’s vision for transforming race through her Liberated Life Network.

What Should I Know About Her Facilitation Style?

Come to this circle knowing that Heather Mizeur’s facilitation style is focused on helping you to improve the process of internal examination and self-reflection rather than external action. The journey to transformation that we will experience during these 8-weeks is meant to change your relationship to yourself, and in so doing, provide insight and clarity about the external engagements you pursue for change in the world around you. This has always been the focus of the work we sponsor at Soul Force Politics.

The content in the curriculum is meant to educate, inspire, and challenge you. Our conversations together are not meant to be exclusively an academic review of materials with scholastic conversation about the content.

Rather, we are using our work with these sources as guides and prompts to watch ourselves, our responses, and what feelings, emotions, discomfort, and insights arise from this work.

Pay attention and take note. Be curious about yourself in this this way — and bring what you find to our group dialogues.

We will begin each of our gatherings with a practice to center presence in our bodies, followed by a brief check-in round. Our check-ins will vary through the course of our time together. For the first two weeks, we will have one-minute shares to open the circle and enrich the space for deeper connection. As we progress with our work, shorter check-ins will be the custom (a few words). We will use the breakout room function on Zoom to have small-group dialogues (of 3 people) in addition to our full group conversations.

Through our dedication to a contemplative and embodied approach, we are reclaiming connection, care, and compassion as a means to transform race.

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