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What Are People Saying ?

“Scales keep falling from my eyes” is a phrase I experienced again and again during this course. The syllabus and weekly study materials were superb, opening my body, heart and mind to many truths. Heather’s facilitation was masterful: showing us how to really listen to one another in breakout sessions, modeling heart centered truth telling, and stepping up with personal sharing. I highly recommend this course to those who want to see, hear, feel and understand what unlearning racism is all about. It is not just theory, but an invitation for a radical personal transformation.

Sierra S.

The quality of scholarship and the depth and breadth of the multimedia curriculum created an immersive experience that was transformational. To realize the extent our country has systematically perpetrated inhumanity on Black and Indigenous People of Color, is to be devastated. It is in Heather Mizeur’s heart-centered approach that we learned to tap the well of courage and compassion necessary to keep going, committed to change.

Kristen S.

Somewhere along the way I became very interested in learning more about social justice. There was so much I didn’t understand – it was truly daunting. Racism was something I knew I didn’t want to be uneducated about but I had no idea where to start learning. Enter Soul Force Politics. In this course I gained improved insight into the historical and present day context of racism, grew a deeper understanding of my own feelings around the subject and formed deep connections with others confronting these same things. Simply put, my resources were well placed in this course and I highly recommend it!

Sharon D.

We all see inequalities and know that race matters, but this course moves beyond that to teach you why racial inequalities structurally exist and are perpetuated; it challenges your assumptions and presents thoughtfully curated articles, podcasts and videos to help you grow in your own understanding of race. Heather’s heart-centered approach helps you connect to the content and the cohort in a deeper, more meaningful way. I would highly recommend this course and I would take it again in a heartbeat so I can continue to step out of whiteness and unlearn my own racism. This course is a gift to yourself and an important part of the brave conversations our country needs to have about race.

Lauren C.

Just want you know how much this class has meant to me.  I have  learned so much about myself that I did not know.  I think my big aha moment was when I realized I really am a racist.   I don’t want to be, but there are still attitudes that need to be further explored.  I feel I now have information that will enable me to be a more compassionate and insightful person.  Hopefully the change in me will blossom in a way that will enable me to be a positive influence for change in others.`

Marjorie M.

You have given me, and I know others, the gift of starting to know heart coherence, knowing myself as a white person (as opposed to the generic human being I always took myself to be), and started me on the road of understanding just what that means to me, my community, and the countless souls I’ve never met, but with whom I am inextricably connected. The materials you curated for our learning experience were profound in the stories they told, and the history they taught.  Thank you for a life-changing experience.  I look forward to any future work that you might offer.

Martha W.

This unlearning racism course has been life changing and I know the experience will help me be a better human and participant in the policy process at my job. I’m grateful for you, Heather, and Soul Force Politics! 

Shawn B.

I am so grateful to you for inspiring me to take all 3 of the courses you offered. I have to admit White Fragility was the most difficult.  Just when you think you know who you are something rolls into your life and opens ” the way” to deeper Spiritual Growth and cleansing. I appreciate deeply the work you did to bring knowledge and devoted authors and speakers on Racism and the wonderful minds and hearts whom I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing our varied experiences and reactions to all the material.  Such a well woven sweet grass. May we respond with Reciprocity. Thank you my friend.

Pam W.

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