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Courageous Conversations for an Anti-Racist World

Understanding Whiteness & Unlearning Racism

Dear friends,

My heart is wide-open with warm greetings to walk gently but firmly with you on this difficult but necessary task of disarming, disrupting, and dismantling racism in our lives. We cannot disarm what we do not see; we cannot disrupt what we do not know; we cannot dismantle what we do not understand

I hope you are curious about joining our acclaimed 8-week study group on “Understanding Whiteness and Unlearning Racism” during any of the multiple offerings that we will facilitate in 2021. Through a masterful curation of journal articles, book chapters, podcasts, and videos, the curriculum for this course will broaden your understanding of this challenging topic — and yourself — in ways you never imagined. The scholastic excellence represented in the syllabus is exquisite. The real gold is in the weekly conversations we convene together to process what we are learning.

Join us on an adventure to awakening your heart and mind to a new way.  Let Soul Force Politics help guide you on the path of a deeper understanding. This is a brave space for honest self-reflection and exploration on this difficult topic. We are calling you in, not calling you out.

Keep reading here to fuel your excitement about the life-changing work we sponsor.

I look forward to building an anti-racist world with you.

With radical love,

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