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Week One — Foundational:

On Race, Love, and Liberation



We begin our work together building a foundation as well as a container to hold our intentions for the eight weeks.

This week’s syllabus covers three main themes:

1) We gather to create a brave space, willing to face our discomfort and turn the gaze inward to investigate ourselves with curiosity, care, compassion, and courageous truth.

2) While using the guiding principles of an ethic of love to find a path to social justice and freedom for all.

3) And recognizing that this work is an embodied practice.

We cannot transform race as an external action alone. This goal is accomplished through rigorous internal examination and reflection that changes how we show up in the world.

Thank you for being on this journey!


Keep it handy — Racial Equity Tools Glossary of Terms



From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: A New Way to Frame Dialogue Around Diversity and Social Justice by Brian Arao and Kristi Clemens

Becoming an Anti-Racist White Ally: How a White Affinity Group Can Help by Ali Michael and Mary Conger, et al.

Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups by Dr. Craig Elliott

Love As the Practice of Freedom by bell hooks

It’s Not About Love After All (excerpted from Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love & Liberation) by Rev. angel Kyodo williams

A Voyage Within by Heather Mizeur



Emergence Magazine’s interview with Rev angel Kyodo williams on Radical Dharma (39 minutes)

Resmaa Menakem “Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence” interview on racialized trauma in our bodies, On Being podcast with Krista Tippett (1 hour)



Morgan Freeman reads Congressman John Lewis’ final words, which were printed as an essay in the New York Times on July 30, 2020